L’Impedalabile is nothing more than a path, anyone can tackle it when and how they prefer, this site as well as its creators have the sole purpose of simply spreading the” news “of the existence of these series of incredible climbs which they are hard and beautiful as the most famous climbs faced in the world of cycling.”

— Il monni

The tour collects all the steepest climbs in the area around Neviano, Traversetolo, Lesignano and most of all Bazzano, the small town as hamlet of the county of Neviano degli Arduini, whose cycling wonders are right in the center and also the culmination of the L’Impedalabile.

And then, if you want, there is always the Bazzanesting…

Bazzanesting, the Bazzano’s endless cycling challenge to the world of cycling!

Notes: All the images in the header are part of collection of photos of Bazzano and surroundings by Daniela Vaccari. More information can be found at: https://www.danielavaccari.it/