Hello friends, we are here to give you the news of the certification of the maximum slopes of two of the most iconic climbs of L’Impedalabile, #4 Fienile and #5 La Pila.

After a careful examination of the inclination angles detected in the hardest pieces, we can verify that # 5 Fienile has an absolute maximum slope of 25.6% and an average maximum of 24.3% on the worst 30 meters. As you have already understood, the punctual certification of the slope slightly reduces the estimates on the maximum slope of the Fienile which before today had been attested to 28%.

It must be said to the detriment of the barn that the curve where the maximum slope was spotted on the Garmin devices has been slightly leveled and the new asphalt has certainly reduced the slope therefore also the climbing difficulty or level of impossible climb that is now established 4 stars.

La Pila, on the other hand, confirms the 5 stars of difficulty and also establishes a new record of absolute maximum slope equal to 33.5%.

Yes friends, you read that right, the absolute maximum slope measured on La Pila wall was 33.5%, with an average maximum slope in the hardest 30 meters at the harpin bend on the right in the area after the houses where you can see the high voltage pylon, by 30.7%.

Friends, from today onwards, know what awaits you and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Long live L’Impedalable!